Digging trenches is not what most people have on their list of fun summer activities. If you’re putting in a new subterranean sprinkler system, though, trenches are a must. Instead of spending long hours digging irrigation during the dog days of summer, let Subterranean Irrigation handle the trenching for you. We are specialists with subterranean sprinkler installation in Colorado Springs, including trenching. We’ll handle the dirty work so you can enjoy your summer.


The Trenching Process

There is much more to trenching than just digging irrigation. Some DIYers may see trenching as a quick project for a Saturday afternoon, but they often realize once they look into it that there are a lot of considerations to be made (and a lot of work to do).

Here are some of the things that need to be figured out as part of the Colorado Springs trenching process:

  • How deep do the trenches need to be?
  • Is a trench needed for every line or can some be doubled up?
  • Is a trench needed under concrete walkways or patios?
  • Should a trencher or pipe puller be used? Can some of the trench work only be done by hand?
  • Are there any major drainage concerns?

Trenching in Colorado Springs can also be very time consuming. Depending on how large of an area needs to be trenched, even a walk-behind trencher may need several full days to do the trick.

Fortunately, Subterranean Irrigation has the experience, equipment, and expertise to get your trenching and sprinkler irrigation done right the first time – cost effective and hassle free.

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Subterranean Irrigation Specialists

Subterranean Irrigation provides superior sprinkler system installation and trenching services for southern Colorado homes and businesses. We have given home and business owners personal, professional, quality service for over a decade. Instead of dealing with subcontractors and day laborers, hire an irrigation service with an established record of quality and customer service in the Colorado Springs area. Give us a call today if you to find out more about our sprinkler installation services.

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