As the growing and grilling season beckons once Spring rolls around, don’t forget to prepare your sprinkler system. Colorado winters can be hard on irrigation pipes and other parts of your sprinkler system, so it’s not a good idea to just crank the faucet. A sudden rush of high pressure water through the pipes can cause them to burst and even lead to a complete system failure.

A professional sprinkler Spring start up from Subterranean Irrigation will guarantee that your sprinkler system will work correctly once you need it.

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Our Sprinkler System Start Up Service

Before turning on your sprinkler system, we will perform a complete inspection of each zone of your property to make sure the system is sound and that all of your grass and plants will be adequately covered once summer rolls around. There are actually a number of system components to check prior to your first watering. Here is what we include with our startup service:

  • Water pressure testing
  • Zone inspection
  • Sprinkler head inspection, adjustment, and maintenance
  • Timer inspection and setting

Failing to take these simple steps can lead to big problems that are completely avoidable. Our sprinkler startup service for Colorado Springs is affordable, hassle-free, and handled by a professional with over a decade of experience.

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Schedule Your Spring Start Up Today!

A sprinkler system startup from Subterranean Irrigation will ensure your sprinklers are ready to go as soon as the erratic Colorado spring settles into summer. You won’t have to worry about system failure, blown pipes, or dry spots on your lawn. Let us handle the sprinkler setup so you can handle the grill.

Give us a call in spring to learn more about our Colorado Springs sprinkler startup service and in fall for our sprinkler blowout service. Keep your system safe and your yard happy with personal, friendly, professional irrigation services from Subterranean Irrigation!

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