Colorado weather is unpredictable. It can be 80 degrees one day and snowing the next. So it’s important for a sprinkler irrigation system in Colorado Springs to have a blowout of all water before the first freeze. Water left in the system will freeze when the temperature drops in October or November, which causes pipes to crack or break completely. Not only the pipes, but the sprinkler heads and valves can be compromised or damaged.

Some people think that pipes underground can’t freeze, but that could be a costly misconception. Sprinkler lines generally run from 8-12” underground, well within the freezing depth of the soil in Colorado.

Here are some of the potential consequences of failing to winterize a sprinkler system in Colorado Springs:

  • Pipes filled with water can crack
  • Pipe fittings can also crack
  • Valves and other expensive parts can be damaged or destroyed.
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How We Winterize Sprinkler Systems

The first freeze in Colorado is often at the end of October, but you don’t want to put the investment made in your sprinkler system at risk.  We recommend that if you live in Colorado Springs you get a sprinkler system blowout near the beginning of October to ensure you aren’t caught off guard by the erratic weather in Colorado Springs.

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Most importantly, a sprinkler system blowout from Colorado Springs based Subterranean Irrigation will ensure your system stays safe during the winter months. You will have peace of mind knowing the Colorado winters won’t put your home or landscaping at risk because of your winterization.

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