A properly working automatic sprinkler system will keep your yard looking healthy all summer long while you focus on enjoying the beautiful Colorado outdoors. Occasionally, though, a malfunction in one of the parts of the system can cause problems. Broken sprinkler valves are probably the most common of these problems.

A broken sprinkler valve should be repaired as soon as a problem is detected. There are several reasons that a sprinkler valve can malfunction, so determining the cause will reveal whether a repair or replacement is needed.

Causes of Broken Sprinkler Valves

If a valve fails to turn on – The cause is usually an electrical or water supply issue. It’s usually best to rule out a water supply issue, which can be done by checking rest of your sprinkler valves. If no valves turn on, there’s a water supply issue. If only a single valve is not turning on, there’s an electrical issue.

If a valve fails to turn off – There are usually two main causes: debris clogging the valve or a bad diaphragm (rubber gasket) inside the valve that needs repairs.

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Broken Sprinkler Valve Repair in Colorado Springs

Whether a valve is failing to turn on or off, the malfunctioning part can often be repaired. If the issue is electrical, for example, the wires or solenoid can be reattached or replaced. If debris or a torn diaphragm is keeping the valve from shutting off, the debris can be cleaned and a new diaphragm installed.

These sprinkler valve repairs can save your system from more serious problem down the line and your yard green and healthy.

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Subterranean Irrigation has provided superior sprinkler valve repair and replacement services to Colorado Springs as well as the rest of southern Colorado. We have given home and business owners personal, professional, quality service for over a decade. Instead of dealing with subcontractors and day laborers, hire a Colorado Springs sprinkler valve repair specialist with an established record of service. Give us a call today if you detect anything unusual with your sprinkler valves or any other irregularities with your sprinkler system. Protect your investment before costlier repairs are required.

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