Each year, the first freeze in Fall damages or destroys sprinkler heads around southern Colorado. When water freezes, it solidifies and expands, which can crack or break pipes and sprinkler heads, making sprinkler repair necessary. The damage can be obvious, but small cracks and other freeze damage can be hard to detect and worsen over time. When your sprinklers are started up in Spring, you may find yourself with

  • blown sprinkler heads or pipes
  • pooling water
  • leaky connections
  • or other headaches.
freeze damage

The best strategy to combat the Colorado Springs winters is a proactive winterization service. That first freeze can sneak up on us. To keep your sprinkler heads, pipes, and other water delivery systems intact and safe through the winter, it is important for home and business owners to prepare early. This means having a sprinkler system expert – like Subterranean Irrigation – winterize your sprinkler system in September or early October (at the latest).

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Sprinkler Winterization Service

The main aspect of winterization involves removing as much water as possible from the pipes and sprinkler heads. There are three main ways to do this:

  • Manual drain valves
  • Automatic drain valves
  • Compressed air blowouts

Subterranean Irrigation customers typically require a compressed air blowout since their systems have not been specifically designed with a manual or automatic drain valve. Compressed air blowouts are also the best way to ensure the system is fully flushed of as much water as possible before the first freeze.

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A Sprinkler Winterization Specialist

At Subterranean Irrigation, we specialize in sprinkler winterization services for Colorado Springs and the rest of southern Colorado. We give our clients personalized, professional service every time. Instead of dealing with subcontractors and day laborers, hire a sprinkler winterization specialist with a proven record of service and experience with the unique Colorado climate. Give us a call in September or early October to out more about our winterization services before you end up needing sprinkler repairs. Don’t let the first freeze catch you off guard!

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