The Colorado climate can wreak havoc on sprinkler systems. Because of extreme shifts in temperature, flash flooding, lightning, and other conditions unique to a semiarid climate, Colorado Springs sprinkler systems require repair and regular maintenance to function correctly. Part of this maintenance is preventative; blowouts in the fall and startups in the spring can prevent a lot of damage.

However, it’s almost inevitable that a sprinkler head will get eaten by a lawnmower or a pipe with crack or a timer will malfunction at some point. When sprinkler repairs are needed, Subterranean Irrigation of Colorado Springs has you covered.

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What To Do If Your Sprinklers Need Repaired

If you detect any sort of irregularity or malfunction with your sprinkler system, give us a call right away! Small issues can easily turn into big, expensive problems if not addressed promptly. Here are some issues to watch out for:

  • Intermittent water flow
  • Pooling water
  • Unusually high water bill
  • Brown spots on the lawn
  • Odd noises

Any of these things could be a symptom of a potentially larger issue. Of course, if a major issue arises—like a burst pipe—give us a call immediately. We will handle your emergency as soon as possible.

Sprinkler Maintenance

Of course, many sprinkler system repairs in Colorado Springs can be avoided if you keep your equipment well maintained. Getting a full sprinkler system blowout in the fall—before the first freeze in October (typically)—will save your pipes from freeze damage, which can be quite costly to repair. Also, Subterranean Irrigation’s startup service in spring will make sure your sprinkler system wasn’t damaged during the winter months and is ready to water your yard fully and efficiently.

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A Trusted Sprinkler Repair Company

For over a decade, Subterranean Irrigation has provided superior sprinkler repair and installation services to southern Colorado residents. We give our clients personalized, professional service every time. Instead of dealing with subcontractors and day laborers, hire a sprinkler repair specialist with a proven record of service and experience with the unique Colorado climate. Give us a call today if you detect anything unusual with your sprinkler system or are interested in a blowout or startup to keep your system safe.

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