Keeping a beautiful lawn green can be a challenge during the hot Colorado Springs summers. Most gardens, trees, and flowers, too, need more water than they will get in our semiarid climate. Watering can be done by dragging the hose out and walking the yard, but there are many benefits to installing a new sprinkler system from Subterranean Irrigation.

  • Convenience—The most obvious benefit to having a sprinkler system is the time and energy it saves. Sprinklers are set on a timer that regulates how much and how often your lawn gets watered. Your yard will stay green and happy without you lifting a finger.
  • Conservation—Sprinklers allow the exact amount of water to be used to keep your grass healthy. Over-watering can be a big hit to your wallet. Today’s sprinkler systems adjust to weather, climate, and specific plants’ needs, ensuring you use the exact amount of water you need (and no more). This is especially important during droughts when hefty fines are often imposed for overwatering.
  • Home value—A professionally installed sprinkler system boosts home values and shows a potential buyer that you care about and maintain your home inside and out.
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Sprinkler Installation and Design

Installing a new subterranean sprinkler system in Colorado Springs is a bit more complicated than hooking a hose up to a faucet. The land must be evaluated; equipment properly selected, handled, and installed; water pressure and other zone features properly assessed. Our sprinkler and irrigation installation professionals also consider the unique setup of your yard and the species of plants being watered and the Colorado Springs climate. All these factors contribute to a successful sprinkler system installation and design.

Automated sprinkler systems have a few components:

  • Water timer—An essential part of your lawn irrigation system, a water timer garauntees your plants get the water they need when they need it.
  • Automatic rain sensor—Like the name suggests, automatic rain sensors detect rain and adjust the water level accordingly to make sure your lawn isn’t overwatered.
  • Rotary sprinklers heads—These standard sprinkler heads that pop out of the ground are used for their appearance and adjustable nozzles, which provide just the right amount of water exactly where it is needed.
  • Drip irrigation—Some Colorado Springs homeowners and businesses choose a drip irrigation system, which uses a series of subterranean tubes to disperse water. The “weep holes” in the system allow for precise watering of gardens and other specialized planting areas. Drip systems are the most efficient and keep the lawn free of sprinkler heads.

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