Properly functioning sprinkler heads are the heart of a sprinkler system. If sprinkler heads parts are broken, clogged, leaky, or malfunctioning, your yard and water bill will be affected. There are several reasons that sprinkler heads in Colorado Springs may become damaged or destroyed. Regular maintenance at the beginning and end of the season, as well as vigilance during the summer, can save your yard and budget. Here are some things we look for when inspecting your sprinkler system:

  • Blocked nozzle heads—As with anything mechanic operating outdoors, nozzle heads are susceptible to the environment. Dirt or other debris can clog the nozzles either on the exterior or from inside the system. Build up from local water can even cause problem over time.
  • Damaged sprinkler heads—Any number of things can contribute to damage. Lawnmowers, children, and pets tend to be the culprits. If sprinkler heads are completely broken, major water leaks will usually occur and could potential go unnoticed, depending on where and when the sprinklers activate.
  • Malfunctioning sprinkler heads—For various reasons, sprinkler heads—like any piece of machinery—can simply stop working correctly. Sometimes the sprinkler heads can be repaired, but sometimes they come flawed from the manufacturer.
sprinkler head
sprinkler head

What To Do When Your Sprinkler Head is Damaged

Regardless of how well your sprinklers seem to be working, take note of any irregularities with your lawn, pooling water, brown spots, unusual noises from the sprinkler heads, or anything else that seems off. If you detect something, give us a call right away! Sprinkler head part damage can lead to wasted water (which means wasted money), mechanical breakdowns, and even damage to the entire sprinkler system.

Aside from completely replacing damaged sprinkler heads, we can often repair them. We can install screens over the nozzle heads, as well, to protect them from clogging or allowing debris into the sprinkler system. We also install filtration systems if the local water is causing blockage.

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For over a decade, Subterranean Irrigation has provided superior sprinkler head repair and installation services in Colorado Springs. We give our customers professional, personalized service every time. Instead of dealing with subcontractors and day laborers, hire a sprinkler repair specialist with a proven record of service and experience with the unique Colorado climate. Give us a call today if you detect anything unusual with your sprinkler system or are interested in a blowout or startup to keep your system safe.

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